The English, or Zuinglians believe and confess that there are two sons in Christ Jesus, the one is God's son, without mother, and impassive; and the other is the son of Mary, or the son of man, without father, and passive. And in this passive son of Mary, the impassive Son of God dwelt; so that the son of Mary, who was crucified, and died for us, was not the son of God. This was acknowledged by one of their principal teachers, called Martin Micron, also by one Harman Von Ronsen (if I recollect his name rightly), before me, two or three times in a large assembly, in the year 1554.

Further, the said Micron, when I questioned him in relation to the aura seminis of the woman, concerning which we had not a few words, acknowledged and said: I have to confess that a woman has no seminal functions but an afflux of catamenial fluid to the uterus. See, before God, it is the truth that I write. He also wrote in a book, printed in England; these words, touching the coagulating of the fluids in the uterus. If the fluids thus changed, as the book says, and as he confesses, that a woman has only catamenial fluids in the uterus, as said; then, it is evident, that they believe (if they agree with him) that their Savior is not God's first and only begotten Son, but the mere result of a vitiated state of the uterine fluids.

John A'Lasco also writes, that Christ partook of no other flesh than that which was subject to sin and death, in order that he might be tempted. He states in the same book, "If he is holy, why was he sentenced in the Father's judgment, for the sake of sin?" This I cannot otherwise understand, before God, than that he believes, that the man, Christ Jesus, was a sinful Christ and guilty of death. Read his defence made against me, of the Incarnation; there you will find his ground.

O God, watch over all true hearts, that they may never believe such intolerably great abominations. It makes me shudder, and I am astonished in my heart, yea, I am ashamed in my soul, that I must make mention thereof; for it is too offensive. But since they defame and slander us daily before all men, both verbally and by writing, what a very detestable foundation and doctrine we have of Christ (since we confess, with the Scripture, that he was the first and only begotten Son of God, who died for us), and they present these abominable things to the poor, simple people, as said, and deceive them so miserably thereby; for this reason, am I constrained in my conscience, to the honor of God, and to the warning of all godfearing souls, to notice this and present it to the reader, whose mind is held captive by them, to reflect upon; for I know not how we could believe more cruelly and abominably of Christ, teach, feel, think or speak of, than to say, It was not the Son of God who died for us, but it was the result of a vitiated catemenial fluid; a man of sin and death, &c.

And though they may gainsay and deny this, and say that I wrote this gratuitously concerning them, it is true; it happened repeatedly, and before many pious hearts; they may deny it, but it will be found true in the day of the righteous judgment, before the eyes of the Eternal and great majesty, as I have written it. O abominable sect!

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