GRACE and peace be unto you, and kind greeting, sincerely beloved sister in the Lord, whom my soul loves. The merciful Lord having called you to widowhood, my paternal and faithful admonition to you is, as a father to his children, to bear with your lot as becomes holy women, and to serve the Lord, with the pious Hannah in the holy temple, that is, in his church, or a new and upright conscience, with fasting and prayer, night and day; treat, at all times, the needy saints, as the virtuous widow of Sarepta in Zidon, treated the faithful Elijah, at the time of the drouth and panic, when she received him in her house, and fed him with her handful of meal and a little oil; and the meal of the holy, divine word, from the measure of your conscience, and the joyous oil of the Holy Spirit shall not be withheld from you. And, if the new son of your spiritual birth, do sicken a little and lose his breath for a time, through the weakness to which a widow is naturally subject yet our true Elias, Jesus Christ, will again animate him through his grace, and again restore you to cheerfulness; for, as the Scriptures teach, you receive, love and serve him in his members.

Beloved sister, understand me aright. I speak of the needy saints, and no further. Those who have enough of their own, do not need your aid and services. True Christians should not put each other to unnecessary expenses. Faithful sister, walk prudently; fear your God sincerely; crucify your flesh and its lusts; withstand the enemy and all his enchantments; bear every thing piously; do not imprudently cause anybody trouble; diligently attend to your occupation, household and children; carefully shun all unchastity, vain babbling, pomp and splendor; earnestly avoid being led by the temptations of the flesh, that you do not become like the widows who lost their first faith, and followed after the devil, as Paul says; from which may the merciful Father ever save you. Receive in love, this, my brief greeting, written to you in true, paternal affection, and reflect upon it diligently. The saints here, greet you. Greet all pious friends. Pray for me. The eternal, saving power and fruit of the precious blood of Christ, be with my chosen much beloved sister, in eternity, Amen.

Your loving and well wishing brother,


May 18th.

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