To the brethren in Groeningen, and the country thereabout, copied and sent by the faithful brother John Aertsen. Receive it in love.

Grace and Peace: Since, beloved brethren, it is known to all churches, that in the southern countries, great trouble exists in regard to the divinity of Christ, and the Holy Spirit, whereby much unbelief, discord and division have been caused in some bodies, to the great affliction of all the saints; and, since it sometimes happens that this one or that one, who comes from those countries, is affected thereby and causes trouble with some - therefore love has constrained me to write the following to the churches, and for these reasons:

First, that the unaffected and sound hearts may beware of such frightful disputations and incomprehensible murmurings, lest their hearts, to their eternal loss, drown in such bottomless profoundness, and become forever ashamed before their God.

Secondly, that all those who ignorantly and unwittingly err and are bound in their consciences, and yet fear God, and walk under the cross, may be saved and freed, through this our service and christian warning, to the eternal praise and glory of God and to the joy of all the saints. I have written it to all my beloved brethren and fellows out of sincere love and compassion. If but one afflicted, wavering, doubting soul could be helped thereby, I would esteem it the dearest thing under heaven. My children, beware of all discord and division, that ye may thrive and multiply in Christ Jesus. Avoid all those who disturb you and excite you to disunion; all those who would institute something novel and peculiar whereby they might weaken and destroy the christian, evangelical love, peace and unity. O, my sincerely beloved brethren and sisters in the Lord! Consider diligently that which I write to you, that God the heavenly Father with his blessed Son Christ Jesus, and with his Holy Spirit, may retain their divine honor. Peace be with you.

Note. To write with my own hand such long writings and send them to each particular church, I can not do.


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