May the blessing and Salvation be with the Christian Reader:

Inasmuch, christian reader, as we poor, despised strangers and pilgrims are rejected and despised by all the world; are accounted the off-scourings, and that because we diligently seek our salvation, so that the pious and godfearing heart must tremble and be astounded at the defamation which they unjustly heap upon the righteous, so that some who strive after the truth dare hardly join this ardent people; therefore, christian reader, this book, the band with which we shall tie the arrant liars and their slander, is translated, out of pure love, and to the profit and use of the reader from the eastern tongue, which is not used in this country, into the Holland language, that every godfearing person may stop the mouth of the slanderer. For it is said, Jacula previsa minus feriunt. Wherefore we pray you to accept in love this our labor, which we performed to your service. For our sincere desire, wish, striving and laboring is, that many may come to the true knowledge of the truth, and be saved. Fare ye well.

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