Here, dear reader, you have our defense and discreet reply to the bitter, envious falsehoods and slanders of our enviers by which we will live or die, and appear before our God at the judgment day, for which, perhaps, I shall not be thanked by many. Yet, since they, on every hand, by such inhuman falsehoods and slanders, rob us of our honor and reputation; so lamentably adulterate and suppress the precious, worthy word of our Lord Jesus Christ; maintain and uphold all the earth in their impenitent, ungodly being and cause so much misery to many a pious child; therefore we have written this in this emergency as a reasonable defense and christian reply of all pious and godfearing persons, that thereby all intelligent and reasonable readers, who cannot hear our verbal defense, may rightly judge between us and our opponents, may see the innocence of us all, and may learn to confess the poor, despised truth which is so lamentably stolen from them by their preachers; and we would herewith place in the hands of the Lord, this and all other shameful charges and accusations which are so enviously published against us, and leave them to his last judgment.

They may prove the nature of their father and fill the measure of their blood-thirstiness, for they will not do otherwise. We trust, by the grace of the Lord, to possess our souls in patience, and not turn our faces from the spies until the coming of him who shall come. Then shall they see him whom they have pierced, Rev. 1. And I would herewith sincerely pray the readers and auditors, be their station high or low, learned or unlearned, for Christ's sake to accept this my labor in love and to rightly interpret it; for I have performed it for no other purpose than to the praise of my God and to the service of all well-disposed persons; and with the intention that the rulers (I mean those who are reasonably minded, and would not willfully act contrary to the will of God) may be warned against protecting this ungodly state of affairs and against heaping upon themselves the innocent blood, that the preachers who err unwittingly may no longer serve and protect the kingdom of hell by their falsehood, slander, upbraiding, ungodly doctrine, sacraments and lives; that the common people may place their trust in the word of the Lord, seek the right way, fear the Lord, die unto their sins and reform their sinful life.

Cordially beloved reader, be not repulsed if it should taste bitter to your flesh. Behold, in Christ, it is the truth, to which we have here testified; nor will there ever be found any other foundation, doctrine, way, light and truth.

Therefore I desire that it be not kept hid from any reasonable persons; but that it may be read by or to every one, no matter who or where they be, if it might be of use to them, and they be not intent upon the corruption or blood of any one, that thereby the saving truth of Jesus Christ may be extended and the accursed falsehood of anti-christ be destroyed.

May the Almighty, eternal Father, the Creator of all things, the God of heaven and of earth, grant all my hearers and readers the heavenly gift and power of his Holy Spirit that they may hear and read this my humble treatise in the true fear of God, and with pure, impartial hearts, may wisely examine, well understand and accept it with true faith, and humbly fulfill it in willing obedience, to the praise of their God and the salvation of their souls, by his beloved Son Jesus Christ our Lord. To him be the honor, praise, kingdom, power and glory for ever and ever, Amen.

"Lying lips are abomination to the Lord: but they that deal truly are his delight," Prov. 12:22; 6:17.

"Devise not a lie against thy brother: neither do the like to thy friend. Use not to make any manner of lie: for the custom thereof is not good," Eccl. 7:12, 13.


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