Here, observe, kind reader, that the whole foundation and belief of our opponents concerning this article is built upon mere carnal wisdom, philosophy, explanation, glozings, adulteration and garbled Scriptures whereby they make it appear as if their anti-christian doctrine was the doctrine of the Son of God, and whereby they cause themselves to be called the true teachers, and us the deceivers, by the world who, alas, are little versed in divine matters. But how they will stand at the coming of Christ, before his impartial judgment seat, I fear most of them will find out too late.

I will now point out to you, by the grace of the Lord, the inconsistencies that must follow from their doctrine and faith, in such clearness that you can see that their doctrine is not of the Fountain of the eternal Wisdom, as Micron dares boast, without any truth, but that it is exhaled from the abyss by the locusts of Apollyon. Take heed.

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